In this tree series, the trees have evolved from the doodle trees and have grown circles instead of leaves.

In this series, I was inspired by the various shapes and textures found in nature.  I abstracted those qualities and made trees for each of these shapes. Each is 6” x 6” painted with acrylic on paper mounted and framed in black.

These trees are created with hand dyed paper and collage. They add another layer to my tree obsession...

Using recycled wood and hand dyed paper and collage, these birds have a lot to say. Each bird painting is ready to hang without framing. They are each approximately 6”x 6”  with a sturdy varnish to ensure years of bird enjoyment.

A trip to Paris in 2011, inspired this bridge painting series. I fell in love with all of the different bridges that connect the city.  The mix of the old and the new and the natural and man made left a strong impression on me.  Each is a different size acrylic and mixed media on board.

The circles have found themselves in the leaves in this series of paintings. Each piece is 12" x 12" acrylic and ink on canvas.